Satan’s fingerprint 

If you have used Shazam you know it can quickly identify most any song even with noisy background and only a few seconds of sampling. It does this by calculating a “fingerprint” from the sample and comparing it to a database. Similarly you can identify if an idea is Lucifarian/Satanic in origin through checking if it fits the fingerprint of…

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What is gravity?

Let’s hear it from the top scientists: <br /> Isn’t it interesting that even the sharpest minds of the world have no idea what gravity is? They can describe HOW it works, but they can’t explain WHAT it IS. A solid foundation of cosmology.

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Etymology Of Skei

It is interesting to see where words came from. Most European languages derive from Proto-Indo European. Therefore we can find interesting similarities. Let’s have a look at one, the root word “skei”: Here is a list of words derived from “skei”: Greek skhizein “to split, rend, cleave,” Old English sceadan “to divide, separate; scēath, sheath (“split stick”) Modern English The…

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