Frequently Asked Questions about the Flat Earth Model

Is this a joke?

Nope. This is probably the most serious issue in the modern world. Just like in the movie The Matrix, an actual false world has been pulled over your eyes, and now someone is giving you a red pill.


You may want to consider why you get so upset at something that is apparently not that important. What do you care if other people have what you consider strange or stupid ideas? The political system is a sham but people still vote. McDonalds “food” is not fit for human consumption, but people still eat there. Does that make me angry? Not really. So why are you so angry that someone has a different view?

The reason you’re so angry is because you have been sucessfully indoctrinated (brainwashed) into believing a certain thing, the Heliocentric globe model. But not only that, you have been conditionel like one of Pavlov’s dogs to fly into a rage at the mere mention of the trigger phrase “flat earth”. This trigger is something constantly programmed into people. “Flat Earth” is associated with idiocy, and not only that, with anger and rage against those tho hold the opinion. Why?

Ever heard of the Banana experiment?

Researchers put some monkeys in a cage and presented them with a nice bunch of bananas. But every time an ape took a banana, all the monkeys in the cage were shocked with electricity (cruels but true). So they quickly learned “Don’t touch those bananas!” That became the law.

They started replacing monkeys one by one. The new ones came in, went for the bananas, and immediately the others attacked them and beat the snot out of them. So they soon learned The Law: “Don’t’ touch those bananas!”

Eventually, all monkeys had been replaced. Now all of the monkeys knew you’re not supposed to touch the bananas, and to beat up anyone who tries to. But no¬†monkey knew why.

You have been conditioned to not touch this subject, and to react with fury as soon as you see someone else touching it. But think about it. How much does this REALLY affect your life? Does it even matter to you whether you are a monkey hurtling through space or a human standing on Terra Firma? So why are you so angry?

How does the flat earth model describe the universe?

The Earth

This map will give your a rough idea of the lay of the land. The north pole is in the middle and the Antarctic ice rim encompasses the land in all southern directions. East and West are clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

The earth is a flat plane that extends from the North Pole in the very center to at least the round ice rim that makes up what you would think of as Antarctica. North is toward the center, south is toward any extremity. East and west are circular paths clockwise and counter-clockwise around the central north pole.

What is beyond Antarctica is unknown, and is kept unknown because of the Antarctic treaty that keeps prying eyes out by force. However, some hypothesis include:

  • A gigantic dome shaped roof extending like a fish bowl from the rim, up to above the north pole and down the other side.
  • An infinitely extending plane beyond that may be either:
    • A dark frozen wasteland
    • More continents, suns, moons, perhaps even unknown civilisations.
An artist’s depiction of how the dome stretches over the flat plane.
Artist’s depiction of the concept of an extended flat plane with further continents and suns.

The Sun and Moon

A simple animation. In reality, the moon i slightly slower than the sun, which means it overtakes the moon once a month.

The sun and moon are local, that is they are small and not far away. Both the sun and the moon are calculated to be roughly 3000 miles away and roughly 30 miles wide. They both travel in a clockwise motion around the earth, at slightly different speeds. The sun takes 24 hours to go around, the moon closer to 25, which explains the difference between the moon and sun calendars. The sun and moon also move north and south over the year, which causes the seasons.

The stars

The stars move clockwise around the plane like the Sun and moon. The fix stars move at a fixed speed around the middle polaris star above the north pole. The planets, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, etc., are the “wandering stars” that have their own individual speed.

What about the curve?

No matter how high you go, the horizon is still straight and at eye level.

What curve?

No matter how high up you go, the horizon is still the same: Straighter than an arrow, and rising to eye level. If the earth was shaped like a sphere, the horizon would start falling away from the level plane as you go higher.

The only depictions of “curves” that you have seen were either photos taken with fish-eye lenses, doctored in post-processing or computer generated.

Wouldn’t you fall over the edge?

Not supported by the flat earth model

What edge?

“The edge” is only a concept that has been drilled into your consciousness by pictures like this to the right. But the Flat Earth Model has no concept of an “edge” from which you could fall. What this is is taking the Globe Planet model and flattening it, thinking that the Flat Earth model is about some kind of disk flying through space with all other attributes of a globe still present. That is ofcourse a ridiculous notion, and not one described by the flat earth model.

Instead as previously mentioned there are two basic theories that are not verifiable until we get access to go beyond the ice rim of Antarctica, and that is that either the plane continues perpetually, or it is limited by an impenetrable barrier, like a large terrarium.

If you think about it, if the universe can be practically infinite, why couldn’t the plane be infinite too?

What about the seasons?

The seasons come about because the sun’s pattern takes it closer to the north pole in the northern summer and farther away from the north pole in the winter.