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The Star of Remphan

Let's have a look at Acts 7:43, shall we? Acts 7:43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon. Here it talks about the god Remphan, also translated as Rephan, Rhaiphan or Rhompha. Stephen likely quoted from the…

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Flat Earth Challenge

If you have been redirected here, it means that you have misgivings about the flat earth model. That is quite alright. Most people have been told since childhood how the universe works and challenging something so fundamental is quite jarring and the knee-jerk reaction is outrage. How could everything you heard people say possibly be false? Preposterous!  I get…

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Who does God swear by?

When we humans need to make an oath, we need to swear on something that is higher or more important than ourselves, such as the Bible, an important person, a grandparent or the heavens and the earth. But when Yehowah wants to certify a promise with an oath, on what does he swear? Hebrews 6:13,14 — For when God made…

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Airplanes flying blind for 8+ hours

Did you know that airplanes flying in the southern hemisphere does not show up on flight trackers? They take off, fly for a while, but after they reach the wild open seas, they just disappear for several hours before reappearing before landing. Example: Quantas Flight 64 (QF64) (Check it out here on At 18:43, it suddenly disappears from the…

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How things change…

When I was a kid, I learned in school that CO2 was a good thing, that it was what plants craved, that plants breathe CO2 and produce oxygen, while humans and animals breathe oxygen and produce CO2. More CO2 would mean more rainforest, something everyone was worried about back then. Fast forward to today, where CO2 is a supervillain that…

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The first time you heard…

How did you react the first time you heard that the universe was endless? Well if not endless, then at least practically endless, going on farther than you could imagine. That light, the fastest thing in existence, still takes billions of years to go to the remote starts. That the solar system revolves around the center of the Milky way…

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What is gravity?

Let’s hear it from the top scientists: <br /> Isn’t it interesting that even the sharpest minds of the world have no idea what gravity is? They can describe HOW it works, but they can’t explain WHAT it IS. A solid foundation of cosmology.

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