Some Hebrew basics

I’ve been looking into learning Hebrew for a while. After mastering (😅😅) Chinese, anything would be a piece of cake. And being (probably) the original language of God, it might hold a secret or two. And let me tell you, there are quite a few…

The alphabeth (or alephbeth)

The word alphabeth comes from the first two letters in Hebrew: Aleph and Beth (via the Greeks who plagiatized a lot of it). The Hebrew alphabeth has 22 letters, all consonants, although some of them function as vowels here and there, like Jod, Aleph, Ayin etc. So reading hebrew straight out it looks very harsh, and knowing how to pronounce words is not straightforward.

Every letter is a number

Hebrew didn’t have numbers as we do, so they used letters to represent numbers. The first ten letters were 1-10, letter 11-19 had the values 20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 and 100, and letters 20-22 had the values 200,300 and 400.So numbers were written by tallying the numeric values of these letters. This is the basis for Hebrew gematria. When you look into the Hebrew scriptures you see a lot of mathematical patterns represented in the text this way, patterns that even the brightest humans couldn’t have known, such as Pi, Fibonacci sequences, prime numbers, correlations, and all sorts of fingerprints of a higher intellect.

Each letter has a meaning

In hebrew each letter has a meaning, and more often than not, the meaning of the word can be determined by looking at the meaning of the letters.Examples:

  • Father is Ab, Aleph + Beth or Strength + House. The strength of the house is the father.
  • Son is Bar, Bet + Resh or House + Head. The head of the house is the son, usually the first born.
  • Son can also be Ben, Beth + Nun or House + Sprout/Seed/Life. The sons being the sprouts that are so lively in the house.
  • Grace is Chen, Chet + Nun or Protect + Life. Grace is what is bestowed upon you when God protects your life.
  • God is El, Aleph + Lahmed or Strength + Shepherd. God is our strength and our shepherd. Aleph in itself often indicate God. Aleph is the first letter and Lahmed is the tallest, so El is the first and biggest.

So if you learn the letters and at least their meaning, then reading and learning Hebrew becomes a lot easier.