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TIL: Geopathic stress

Today I learned about Geopathic stress.

During my research of the weird and interesting, I game across this website explaining geopathic stress. My suggestion is that you go read through it yourself. Here are some notes I thought was interesting.

So geopathic comes from geo-, meaning the ground, and -pathy, meaning illness. The idea is that various underground featured can influence electromagnetic field on the ground, leading to all sorts of weird effects.

The earth is constantly vibrating in the Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83Hz, which is the optimal frequency for us humans to thrive in. However underground featured can disturb this causing frequencies of up to hundreds of hertz. These frequencies, especially over time, is detrimental to human health.

These featured can be geological faults, cracks, buried pipes and other man made infrastructure, but the most common is underground streams. As the water flows under the ground and runs against the earth and rocks, it generates electromagnetic fields that can radiate up. These are different in size and strength from very small to up to several hundred meters high.

Along these lines, you often find signs of ill health such as dead, cancerous or crooked trees and vegetation, dry or dead spots in grass or undergrowth, even strange discolorations, etc.

Feng shui deals with these energies, as do dowsers in the west.

These field affect human psychology and can be the reason why certain places are “creepy” or haunted. Over time, exposure to these field give you cancer or other diseases.

Where these streams cross, the effect is multiplied. Since they are invisible you may have them in your house, and they may even cross your bed, a place where you spend 1/3 of your time. So if one or more of these field intersect over your body for 8 hours a night, you will be at risk of developing cancer there. They may also cause insomnia or nightmares.

Animals are sensitive to these field. Dogs avoid them, but cats, crows, ants, hornets and other pests are draws to them. It is quite interesting that animals generally considered negative, ominous or associated with the occult are drawn to these fields.

What you can do to test your house is to let a dog find a cozy spot to sleep, and it’s probably free of these fields. A cat, all other things like warm spots being equal, will rather choose a spot where the fields are strong.

During my walk in the forest I have noticed a slope where there are a lot of dead or crooked trees, and they stand in a rather straight line down the hill. I suspect one of these underground disturbances flows down there, disfiguring the trees. Up the hill is another spot along the same line where I always get the heebie-jeebies and feel watched. I think it has something to do with it.

Apparently many temples and other holy structures are often built on hotspots where many such fields intersect. If you know of a haunted house, it is also probably located on such a hot spot. Seeing as that everything is electromagnetic energy, perhaps these hotspots weaken the fabric of reality, letting things easier come through from the other side of the veil. May be a reason why holy structures are built on them.