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Bad flat earth arguments: Falling off the globe

Just to preface this, I am sceptical to the theory of gravity. Clearly stuff trends to fall down, but the mechanic behind it is disputable. Personally I tend to agree with Tesla, that all natural forces are some kind of manifestation of electromagnetism.

That said, if you don't even know how the theory of gravity works, then you shouldn't make a fool out of yourself by misrepresenting it. Ridiculous straw man arguments only makes me think you are some kind of shill or undercover idiot out to discredit the flat earth model.

"If the earth is a globe, how come people don't fall off the bottom?"

If you are going to disprove the theory of gravity, then you need to disprove the actual theory. And saying that things on the southern hemisphere should soar out into space is not what the theory states.

Here's a simple chart to explain what you claim versus what the theory of gravity claims:

As you can see, the theory of gravity has an explanation for why things don't fall off. And if you are misrepresenting it with a strawman version, then I have to conclude that you're either and idiot or willfully trying to make flat earth proponents look stupid. In both cases, please get out of the debate, you are just a nuisance and distraction from finding the truth.