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The Art of Gazing

What is gazing?

Gazing is simply looking without focusing at a certain point. Things might appear a bit hazy or out of focus, your eyes may feel relaxed and your mind as well.

Sometimes when I daydream I find myself gazing straight ahead, so it’s good to keep in mind in what direction you’re gazing so that others don’t think you’re staring at some inappropriate part of their anatomy. That has happened to me too often…


How to get it right

Many people know how to de focus their sight, but if you have trouble doing so, imagine that you’re looking at a point a thousand miles away. That way the sight line of both eyes will be roughly parallel and you’ll easily slip into the right gaze.

When you get it right you can make a quick test to see if you are still focusing or not.

You want to keep your gaze straight ahead and without moving your eyes, see how far left you can perceive things. Then to the right. Then up. Then down. If you are gazing, you should be able to see and perceive your full view from left to right and up to down without moving your eyes.

When you start gazing, make sure to do it in the half-gloom, where there’s just enough light to see stuff, but not enough to disturb your vision. These conditions are best for beginners when training to see auras and energies. For example just before going to sleep when your room is dark or gloomy is a perfect time to try it out.

Why practice gazing?

As you may notice, gazing is very relaxing to the mind. This is because you’re perceiving without interpreting.

Sight is not just light

Sight is more than just the light entering your mind. Sight is an activity.

When your eyes are focused on a certain point both your physical muscles and your mind has to work to move the focus around. This is a strain on both the mind and the muscles, even if you generally don’t think much about it.

As light enter your eyes, the signals are transported to the brain for interpretation. This is a really complex procedure where the brain detects shapes and colors, and does a tremendous amount of work identifying them and comparing them to previous memories, trying to figure out symbolism, significance and whether something is a threat or not. This, as you understand, is a huge workload that usually go unnoticed.

A downside of this is that you can get perceptual blindness, where you physically see something but since your brain decides it is not important, it just gets filtered out.

Check out this video as an example:

But when you have a relaxed gaze, something interesting happens. The brain relaxes as well and all these functions go off duty. So the light that enters your eyes is just transported right into your mind without interpretation and filtering.

This has some benefits:

Relaxing the mind

One benefit is that it relaxes your mind. When the parts that try to make sense of your visual impressions go for lunch, the parts that are responsible to that incessant “monkey chatter” that is keeping your awake at night, feels like it’s time for a break too.

So for all you who are plagued by insomnia, especially the kind where your mind is running at a 1000mph and you can’t stop thinking and worrying, gazing just might save the day – or night, as it were. This is the method that cured my insomnia!

When I close my eyes, my mind tend to start with the monkey chatter, however when I open my eyes and lazily gaze out into the half gloom, the monkey chatter stops right away and I can drift off to sleep.

Seeing subtle energy fields

Another benefit of gazing is that since your visual center is not busy filtering out things it finds unnecessary, you will more easily be able to see subtle lights you normally don’t see, such as auras and other energy fields. Everything consists of electromagnetism and radiate electromagnetism in various frequencies. Some of those are perceptible by human eyes, even if they might be outside what is narrowly defined as the visual spectrum of light. In fact you can train your eyes to be more sensitive to these frequencies.

Gazing is a good way to train your eyes to perceive these faint energies and though practicing gazing you may developed your ability to see auras and maybe even various energetic entities, so don’t be afraid if you start seeing a faint glow around the bodies of people or even faint energy blobs that seem to move around in the air.

You may even perceive a subtle noise pattern that does not move along with your eye movement (so it’s not just dust on your eyeball or blood vessels or anything). This is the background matrix of reality. All reality is made from energy, and matter is just energy vibrations forming a standing wave structure. So it’s kind of like in the movie The Matrix where Neo started to see the information that built up the constructed virtual reality.

See the structure of the universe