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Time zones on a flat earth

Some wonder how a flat earth can have time zones? Well, like this:

Time zones on a flat earth
The sun would just travel clockwise around the center north pole and when it is above a certain sector of the earth, that's where it's 12 o'clock noon.

Personally, I think this is much clearer and simpler than time zones on the Globe model. If you can understand a pie, you can understand the flat earth.

The sun?

The sun in the flat earth model would not be 93 million miles away, but more like 3-4000 miles and just a few miles across. The effect would be that of a spotlight that covers about half the diameter of the world plane. It explains many phenomena better than the heliocentric model, for example why solar eclipses travel eastward instead of westward, why crepuscular rays arent parallel, and why you can make the sun come back over the horizon by zooming in with a telescope lens, etc.

Sun, moon and stars are probably suspended by dimagnetism Magnetism works on many other substances than metals. Check out dimagnetism and paramagnetism on YouTube to see examples.