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An explanation to the movement of heavenly bodies over the flat earth

The earth is flat, space does not exist, gravity does not exist, but why do some things fall while other things stay up?

Gravity or magnetism


I think the force called Gravity is nothing other than magnetism. It follows the same patterns and formulas, for example the inverse square formula – the force diminishes by the inverse square of the distance. So I think electro-magnetic force fields are responsible for everything from holding up "the waters above", making up the firmament, to making sure the sun, moon and stars rotate around the sky, to providing the direction to the north pole, to making sure things fall down, to powering your body and connecting you to the rest of creation, and of course, powering your iPhone.

Genesis 1:3 — And God said: “Let there be light.” Then there was light.

This is why the first thing God created was light, in other words electro-magnetic force. It is also interesting to note that days and nights were created 3 days before the sun. I think perhaps the day and night are entities in themselves, and the sun is only there "for times and seasons", a time piece, although synchronized to the day. Check out this video about the difference between daylight and sunlight.

The magnetic field that compasses react to on the flat earth is similar to that of a ring magnet, where the north pole is in the center and the south pole all along the rim. This is the ferro-magnetic aspect, but magnetism also have dimagnetic and paramagnetic aspects. The dimagnetic aspect explains things like the firmament and the heavenly bodies and the paramagnetic effect may explain "gravity".

Check out this video

Those videos demonstrates how objects can hover in a circular path due to diamagnetic repulsion.

Now imagine that ring is the earth and those small discs represent the sun and moon and the stars. See how they just hover around on a set track, and can even skip over to a separate tracks. After a while they slow down, but a subtle pulse of energy could keep them going at an even speed indefinitely.

I think this is what explains the sum, moon and stars. The force of dimagnetism also repulse water, so it could be responsible for keeping "the waters above" up.