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Why are all moon craters round?

When you look at the moon, the surface looks like crap, pardon the language. It's all pock marked with big dark spots and blemishes everywhere.

The moon

If you look at the backside of the moon (according to NASA), it looks much better. It has many craters, however these are fairly evenly distributed and it presents a much more uniform appearance. It is almost like the earth-side of the moon is more worn out than the far side of the moon, which is weird, because shouldn't the far side of the moon receive a lot more wear and tear, facing all incoming meteorites and whatnot?

Alleged backside of the moon
Kind of looks like this:

Is that whipped cream?

if you look at the craters, it gets even more weird. Notice how all the craters are perfectly round? They shouldn't be.

Well, you can do a little experiment at home:

  • Fill a tray with flour
  • Drop a marble straight down onto the flour
    • Notice how the indentation is perfectly round
  • Now, instead toss the marble at an angle so that it lands sideways in the flour
    • Notice how the indentation is oval shaped

Expertly drawn chart

Since it's supposedly a sphere, the vast majority of meteroites and asteroids hit would hit the surface at an angle, creating oval elongated craters, with debris spread out at the side away from the impact. But almost all craters are round, like every impact ever happened to be dead-on.


  • The most wear and tear is on the earth-side of the moon
  • All craters come from something hitting it dead-on

The thing is, the only way to hit it dead-on on the earth side of the moon would be if the projectile came from the earth itself, or it's vincinity.

Ancient progress

I submit that before the flood of Noah's day, man was technologically advanced. Think of how far our civilisation has come. around a thousand years ago, Europe were in the iron age. And thousand years later we have computers, iPhones, airplanes, rockets, (alleged) moon landings, gene manipulation, particle accelerators, etc. And that's counting the dark ages when nothing really happened for several hundred years. In the last 1-200 years, we've made great leaps in technology.

Now, in Genesis 4:22 it talks about Tubal-cain

Genesis 4:22
22 Also, Zilʹlah gave birth to Tuʹbal-cain, who forged every sort of tool of copper and iron. And the sister of Tuʹbal-cain was Naʹa·mah.

Tubal-cain was adept in metallurgy. The word copper (heb: nechoʹsheth) can mean any copper alloy, bronze or brass, and these are complicated things to mix up, not just something lying around on the ground. From Tubal-cain to the flood was about 900 years.

Now if we can go from iron to high tech in about 1000 years, with interruptions, then surely people who 1) lived for hundreds of years, accumulating knowledge, 2) were closer to perfection, 3) had help from the fallen angels, could at least match that, right?

Ancient airplanes and nukes

To add to this argument, there are many things indication a high technological level in the ancient world. For example these models of airplanes found in south america. They are aerodynamically sound and actually fly.

Another example are the Indian myths of celestial wars, with stories that sound like they're talking about both nukes and space craft.

So, yeah, they weren't stupid back then. They were just "back then".

Weird theory

Could it be that the moon was exposed to bombardment from the earth? Perhaps ancient civilizations were advanced enough to go to the moon, and there was a war between the earth and the moon just like in "The moon is a harsh mistress" (a must-read).

Or we became advanced enough to invent nuclear weapons (as evident from the Indian myths) and instead of testing them in our own backyard, we tested them on the moon.

What do you think? What explains the lack of oval craters on the moon?