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Antibiotics are bad mmmkay

One of the most important progresses of modern medical science is antibiotics.

Antibiotic is made up of the Latin words anti, meaning "against" and biotic, originally from the Greek word biotikos meaning "life". So antibiotic means "against life". What is against life is what causes death, in other words "deadly"

So the next time your doctor wants to prescribe antibiotics pills, just think "deadly pills" and you will be much more wise as to what's really going on.


Probiotics, from pro, meaning "supporting" and biotic, meaning "life", supports life.

One of the major reasons why we have all kinds of ailments that people didn't use to have is because antibiotics are ever present, not only as medication, but also in our food supply. Add to that more and more cleanliness and sterilization preventing us from receiving proper immunization from harmful bacteria as well as healthy supportive cultures of beneficial bacteria.

One study compared two countries, Sweden and Estonia, who have very similar food cultures, albeit with one difference – Estonia has a long tradition of eating lacto-fermented vegetables, while Sweden practically gave up this tradition several decades ago in favor of the more convenient vinegar pickling that lack probiotics. The other major difference was that allergies are very uncommon in Estonia, however since the removal of probiotic products from the market in Sweden, now every Thor, Dan and Holger have some sort of allergy.

It seems to me that pretty much every non-traumatic health problem people have can sooner or later be traced back to a problem with the guts, specifically lack of probiotics.


So eat your fermented sauerkraut, your yogurt and take a daily dose of probiotics and you will notice the difference in your overall health.

And for God's sake, stay away from the deadly, against-life, antibiotic medications!