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The Giant of Kandahar

During a recon mission in Afghanistan, a group of soldiers stumble upon a cave outside of which were piles of bones. Suddenly they are attacked by a humanoid creature 12-15 feet high, who pierced one of the soldiers with a spear before the other soldiers managed to kill it.

This creature was shipped back to the U, perhaps for study, and another soldier who was assigned as the caretaker of this cargo corroborated the story.

The giant in question had red hair, 6 fingers and toes on each hand an foot, was about 12 feet tall, and had double rows of teeth. This matches perfectly with the descriptions of giants in the Bible and other sources, as I was touching on in my article "There were giants in those days."

Red hair is common in many stories about Giants, and also found on the piles of elongated skulls found all over the world. (Skulls that have non-identifiable DNA no less).

Also notice in this story, as well as all other stories about Giants, the authorities' desire to keep it a secret, when there is no reason to keep it secret.

Or is there?

Yes, because these things are those that real science would jump on and try to explain. These are real, sometimes even living, proofs that the world we live in is not as they teach you. Real scientists would do their outmost to teach this to people.

No, the reason is because scientism, the science look-alike religion of the new world order, needs to maintain it's facade of authority so that all people will turn to them for their brainwashing. If you want to control people, you can't have opposing evidence, but it must be destroyed or ridiculed.