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Flat Earthers must be the most stupid people I have ever heard of!

What kind of idiot would believe the earth is flat?

This is usually your first reaction to hearing about people believing that the earth is flat. That’s good. It means you’re normal. That was my reaction too.

I’m not going to preach a bunch of flat earth stuff at you, but I just want to catch you at this particular moment in your life when you have seen a preposterous idea that goes against all you even learned about your world, and point out that you now have two options ahead of you. You’re at a fork in the road. A black guy with sunglasses is offering you colorful pills.
Overused Morpheus red pill meme
You know the drill:

  • You take the blue pill, you just scoff at the idea and go on your merry way astounded at the idiocy of some people.
  • You take the red pill, and you dwell on the thought for a while: “Who are these people? How did they come to this conclusion? Are they all idiots?”

Are they all idiots?

Well, some are idiots and some are rude. That’s the reality if dealing with groups if people, you can’t really get away from that. But it may surprise you that a lot of people who have started questioning their world view are people who are highly educated, even from a science or engineering background.

These aren’t troglodytes who still believe in medieval ideas. No these are people who just like you were born in a modern world, grew up learning about the globe, space, gravity, planet’s, solar systems, trigonometry, geometry, math, physics, went on to higher educations, got degrees, worked in science and engineering for decades, all accepting the same reality as you.

Then one day, something caught their attention. Like a splinter in their mind. Something just didn’t add up.

Perhaps it was the way you could see far away objects that should be impossible to see because of curvature. Perhaps siting in a plane looking out and thinking “Wait a minute! The horizon is straight even from up here!” Perhaps they saw that the rays from the sun are not parallel. Perhaps being pilots, it bugged them that a mechanical gyroscopic artificial horizon can’t adjust for the curvature but still works fine. Perhaps they discovered that rockets don’t work in a vacuum.

Something made them go: “Wait a minute…” And usually it is something from a scientific point of view, where the math and physics just didn’t add up.

Are you honest and objective?

I am sure that you too have at least a basic scientific education, some high school math or science class knowledge that is still gathering dust back in the recesses of your mind. Well, go dust it off and be as curious as you were as a child.

Rediscover the world. Take the things your parents or teachers told you about the world, put it in a box and store it away for later. Don’t worry, no one is going to take it away from you. I just want you to go on a curious, honest, objective journey of world discovery, from a new point of view.

If there is something you don’t agree with, say to yourself “I don’t agree with that.” Write it down. And if you want, write down why. But be open minded and examine it all.

When you are all done, your box of ideas will still be waiting for you, so don’t worry.

But shunning ideas you think sound crazy is just a sign of a weak ego, and I don’t think you have a weak ego, right?

Even crazy ideas can give you a widened perspective

I love spending time in the crazy recesses if the internet. YouTube is a good place for crazy ideas.

I love hearing people talk about shape shifting reptilians, hollow earth theories, Nazi submarine bases in Antarctica and Planet Nibiru coming to visit. That’s basically what this website is about.

Do I believe in any of it? Not necessarily, but it’s fun to get a wider perspective. Then when I find something really weird, I can at least have a look at it without blowing a fuse.