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Vaccine efficacy

I wanted to understand vaccine efficacy, so I checked the Immunization Advisory Center of Auckland. (First result)

Vaccine efficacy is measured by comparing the rates of disease between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in clinical trials. From this we can identify the proportion of vaccinated people we would expect to be protected by the vaccine.

No vaccine is 100% effective, a small percentage of people are not protected after vaccination and for others the protection may wane over time.

So, efficacy is pretty binary, it seems. Either you have immunity or not. And the efficacy is the number of vaccinated people who get the disease compared to unvaccinated ones. So if 100 unvaccinated people would get the disease in question, a vaccine efficacy of, say, 96% would mean that if all 100 were vaccinated, 4 of those people would still get it. So it seems like sort of a crappie shoot. The protection is not like 96% for each person, but 100% to 96 persons and 0% to 4 persons.

So here are some stats on a few diseases:

Disease Efficacy
Tetanus 96%
Polio >99%
Measles 96%
Mups 90%
Rubella >90%

So most vaccines hover in the 90% zone. Let’s say 96% for good measure.

That means you go to your doctor, pay the hideous price, get your shot and now it’s like you rolled a hundred sided die, hoping to not end up in the 4% that lose the lottery.

If you do end up in the 4% then no immunity for you. You’re back where you started, $50 short.

If you end up in the 96%, then you are immune.


Now please shut your pie hole about my personal choices.

You see, I have a legally established basic human right to medical health care autonomy. That means that I decide what treatments or medicines are used on my body. If I choose to not get vaccinated, that is my choice and my responsibility.

But you will infect me with a disease!

Oh, really? I thought you just got vaccinated and have immunity? The only way you can use this lame excuse is if you admit that vaccinations do not work.

Face it, if I – having 0% protection – can survive this disease, but will infect and kill you – with 100% protection – then that says a lot about what kind of weakling you are. Seems to me that nature actually want to get rid of you, and I’m not going to stand in it’s way.

But muh herd immunity!

Herd immunity is scientifically unsubstantiated. Even with populations 99% vaccinated, outbreaks are common.

Besides, I have more to fear than you

After all, I’m the unprotected one to start with. And it seems that vaccinated people are full of the virus they were vaccinated against.. Not so weird when you hear time and again that the infection vector is a vaccinated person. Who woulda thunk that injecting yourself with viruses and immune suppressing chemicals could be bad?