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Flat Earth Challenge

If you have been redirected here, it means that you have misgivings about the flat earth model. That is quite alright. Most people have been told since childhood how the universe works and challenging something so fundamental is quite jarring and the knee-jerk reaction is outrage. How could everything you heard people say possibly be false? Preposterous!

I get it. I had the same reaction. But I'm an open minded kind of guy so I decided to research this ludicrous concept to find the weak spots and shoot it down. And this challenge encourages you to also do your due diligence and make sure what you believe is actually correct – Make sure that you're not just assuming things or parroting what other people think.

The challenge:

  1. Read up on what the Flat Earth Model actually says.
    • Please spend at least one whole day doing this. Pick a free day and scour Youtube and Google for how the Flat Earth Model explains the cosmology until you know the main explanations.
    • There is a lot of noise and false ideas out there. For example that it would be about a flat version of a planet where you can "fall off the edge" and where gravity and the solar system works the same as in the Globe Earth Model, when the real theory is quite different.
    • Here is a good place to start
  2. Choose at least 5 points to attack
    • The more points you choose, the stronger your argument.
    • The points must be actual ideas held by the FEM (see point 1)
  3. Write an article showing scientifically why the FEM is wrong
    • Scientifically means that the experiments or evidence you provide must follow the scientific method and be accessible, observable, verifiable and repeatable by anyone.
      • Basically, the reader of your article should be able to go out and get the needed equipment from the closest hardware store or use basic education math or physics. No spaceships or quantum field equations, please.
    • Appeal to authority is not accepted. Authorities may be biased, so if the reader can't verify the authorities' statements themselves, it is nothing but faith and religious dogma.
      • "Authorities" include Governments, military organizations or space agencies that may or may not have a biased view.
  4. Put the article online and send me the link.
    • If your article fulfill these simple criteria, I will post it here on my website.

My stance on the flat earth theory

When I first heard of it, I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. But when a friend pointed out that he could see all of a 30 foot cliff over a 15 mile wide lake, and it should be 100 feet below the horizon, I started looking into it, examining if light bends along the surface of the earth (it doesn't) or if other things could explain it. It gave me a headache but I'm the kind of guy who goes to the bottom of things, so I examined how the Flat Earth Model explains all the things I wondered about, and found that it does a very good job of it, in many ways better than the Globe Earth Model.

Now, I don't know what to believe, because there are good points and irregularities in both models, but if I would assign points to them, I'd say the FEM is currently ahead in the game, with like 80-90% of the points.

Your turn!

Now it is your turn to put your deeply held beliefs to the test. If they are worth anything, this challenge will be a piece of cake. If they can't even hold up against such a silly theory, then what good are they?