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Everything is a miracle

Either everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. How do you live your life?

I have always seen nature and the universe as a miracle. It is fantastic that anything exists at all, let alone a world where we can live and thrive, that has everything we need and want and is perfectly suited for our survival. Everything from the smallest atom to the biggest heavenly body shows intelligence and design. DNA is the magic code of life, life that permeates our world and nowhere else. There are so many things that are miraculous when you think about them with a humble attitude, that you are struck by awe.

Enter Scientism

And that’s even although the followers of scientism do everything in their power to make the miraculous mundane and to distance us from our creator.

They say we live on an insignificant mote of dust, a medium planet orbiting a medium sun in a medium galaxy in the middle of a vast, cold, meaningless, uncaring universeeverything to make it seem insignificant in comparison. It’s not even special by being small!

They say that you are nothing but a blob of goo that evolved for billions of years, an animal with no purpose apart from eating and mating. That you live, experience pain and die and that no one cares about you.

They do everything to convince you of your own insignificance when the fact is that your very existence is a miracle.

What is Scientism ?

Through all this, I still see everything as a miracle. And things changed for the better when I started questioning Scientism. I thought “Why do I take as authority a dogmatic cult consisting of people that deny or even hate God?” Because scientism is not science.

Science is a method of inquiry with theories meant to be challenged.

Scientism, however, is a religion masquerading as science for legitimacy. Scientism does not encourage questioning or challenging its tenets, but is a dogmatic cult. Unfalsifiable theories are its dogma, “scientists” like Neil Degrasse Tyson are their high priests, persons like Darwin are their saints, forces like gravity are their magic or miracles and Big Bang and Evolution are their creator gods. They love to say “the science is settled” when in fact real science can’t be settled. And if you still question anything, you will be shamed by their priests and lay followers, and might even experience a witch trial.

That is not my religion. In fact it is a religion that denies and hates God. Why should I listen to it?

Back to basics

Romans 3:4 says

But let God be found true, though every man be found a liar

After meditating on this, I prayed and said to God that “If there is any conflict between what you say and what so called ‘scientists’ say, I will believe in you.” And ever since, as I have started reading the scriptures without a Scientism lens on, the world we live in has become more and more miraculous, even magical. Now I know that this realm truly is tailor made for us and that God is near (Psalm 145:18) even physically. The earth is special in many more ways than you may have thought.

I will share the things I found and go into more detail what I mean further on, and I hope it can help you too to see the miracles of creation.