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Airplanes flying blind for 8+ hours

Did you know that airplanes flying in the southern hemisphere does not show up on flight trackers? They take off, fly for a while, but after they reach the wild open seas, they just disappear for several hours before reappearing before landing.

Example: Quantas Flight 64 (QF64) (Check it out here on

At 18:43, it suddenly disappears from the radar for over 8 and a half hours!

It returns at 3:14, 8 and a half hours later. Where has it been? Why is the GPS turned off? This doesn’t happen in the northern hemisphere.

Whether this is by design or a flaw, doesn’t it put people in danger, if we have no idea where they are? No woner why it was so hard to find Malaysian Airways Flight 370.

Isn¨t GPS supposed to mean GLOBAL positioning system?