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The first time you heard…

How did you react the first time you heard that the universe was endless? Well if not endless, then at least practically endless, going on farther than you could imagine. That light, the fastest thing in existence, still takes billions of years to go to the remote starts. That the solar system revolves around the center of the Milky way galaxy ever 200 billion years. When you heard about all these unfathomable distances and numbers, we’re your mind blown?

And how is it now? The universe does have an end, right? Only it’s so far away and expanding so rapidly that nothing could ever catch up. So the thought of an end of the universe beyond which we don’t know what there could be, is not a strange thought. We just ignore it because it’s so far away that it would never affect us.

But after the initial shock, you got used to the idea of virtual infinity. But remember, it’s only virtual, not actual infinity.

So how would you react if you found out the universe was a lot smaller than you’d expect? As small as our galaxy? aAs small s our solar system? Even as small as our local earth atmosphere (with surroundings).

Would you panic at the thought, like you did at the thought of the opposite?

It’s an interesting thought experiment, because we marvel at the thought of infinity when we are children. But what if what we are taught is proven wrong? Not just about the universe but about anything.

Will you be as amazed?

Will you be as accepting?