Satan’s fingerprint 

If you have used Shazam you know it can quickly identify most any song even with noisy background and only a few seconds of sampling. It does this by calculating a “fingerprint” from the sample and comparing it to a database.

Similarly you can identify if an idea is Lucifarian/Satanic in origin through checking if it fits the fingerprint of Satan/Lucifer. You can do this evening if there is substantial “background noise” or not a lot of data to go on.

The fingerprint 

Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44) and the original serpent (Rev 12:9) so we know that the serpent who lied to Eve in Eden is Satan or some kind of machination of his. And what he said at that time was the first lie. Let’s have a look.

Genesis 3:1,4,5 — Now the serpent was the most cautious of all the wild animals of the field that Jehovah God had made. So it said to the woman: “Did God really say that you must not eat from every tree of the garden?” […] 4 At this the serpent said to the woman: “You certainly will not die. 5 For God knows that in the very day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.”

So there are several parts in this lie that makes up the fingerprint of Satan. The first is that the serpent starts by saying “Did God really say…?” Questioning God and sowing doubt.

After the woman answers, the serpent goes on to present a blatant falsehood, the first lie, increasing her doubt, and further questioning God.

He then goes on saying “For God knows…” indicating that God is knowingly withholding something valuable, namely that “your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.” The serpent thus claims that if she disobeys God her eyes will open and she will obtain knowledge, in other words there’s a promise of enlightenment.

Then he says that she will be like God, in other words obtain divinity.

“Knowing good and bad” can also indicate autonomy in moral decisions.

Also one could say that by extention Satan is insinuating that since God is apparently withholding this thing, he doesn’t really love or care about them.

So when you check an idea against the fingerprint of Satan, ask yourself:

  • Is it sowing doubt or questioning Yehowah?
  • Does it contain outright lies or inversions of what is true?
  • Is it ascribing bad motives to Yehowah?
  • Is it focused on knowledge or enlightenment?
  • Is it claiming that humans can somehow become divine or godlike?
  • Is it claiming that humans don’t need Yehowah to rule them, but can rule themselves?
  • Is it saying that Yehowah doesn’t love or care about humans?

Let’s try these against some ideas and see just how Lucifarian they are.

The teaching of the Immortal soul (most religions)

The idea of a soul that lives on after death is showing the fingerprint of Satan because the Bible says that the punishment for disobedience is death, a return to the dust from which Man was taken. So the idea of an immortal soul is a reversal of God’s truth, as well as a questioning of God’s statements. It could easily be imagined that as Adam and Eve hadn’t gained their Godship as Satan had claimed and humans started to grow old and die, Satan could have started this false teaching as a way to fool humans that after death they would live on as a spirit, in essence “be like God”. Ancestor worship promises that you could indeed become a god and all your decendants would worship you.

3/7 Lucifer points.


Buddhism is also agnostic about the existence of God, so it’s sowing doubts. Instead worshipers have the prospect that through intense study and meditation achieve enlightenment, become like Buddha and ascend to nirvana, in essence becoming divine.

3/7 Lucifer points.


Transhumanism claims that through technology humans can rise above their limitations and become superhuman (divine). There’s a big focus on science and technology (knowledge). They also base their ideas on evolution, thus questioning God and saying we don’t need God.

4/7 Lucifer points.

“Do you believe in Evolution?”    “Nah, I’m not that into Pokemon.”

Theory of Evolution 

The theory of evolution tries to supplant Yehowah as the creator. Thus it questions God and claims humans don’t need God. To do this it uses a string of lies and self contradictory falsehoods.

For example they say Natural selection is a slow process that changes things over millions of years – just throw enough time on it and the biological impossibility of one species turning into another will magically happen. But when that didn’t match the explosive burst pattern of the fossil record, all of a sudden the explanation is “punctuated equilibrium” where one animal magically turns into another overnight. When you dig into it it is just full of lies.

The theory of evolution also claims that Yehowah doesn’t care, since everything is just a meaningless haphazard random accident.

4/7 Lucifer points.

“The Glorious Mass Murderers” (A.K.A. The History of Shaving)


Marxism comes in many flavors: Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Feminism, but they all have in common that they throw reality and truth on its head. Truth is subjective and anything goes in order to further the cause.

Marxism is atheistic, so it doubts/questions God, ascribes bad motives to him, claims that he doesn’t exist/care, that we don’t need God/can rule ourselves.

5/7 Lucifer points.

Obsessed with Eyes, Lights, Pyramids, Angles and Enlightenment


Freemasons are a lying bunch, keeping lots of secrets to hide their true nature. When you start out at the first ranks you have no idea what’s going on, but when you reach the top you finally figure out that it is a religion dedicated to worshiping Lucifer – the light bearer (Satan). That’s why they are very focused on light, sun worship, enlightenment, knowledge, all seeing eyes (“your eyes will be opened”), etc. Along the way you’ll be indoctrinated in how Yehowah is the false god and Lucifer (Satan) us the true god. They believe humans can successfully rule themselves if controlled by sufficiently enlightened leaders (them). If you go high enough in their ranks you can even achieve apotheosis, ascention into godhood, like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. They are full blown Satan worshipers, even if naive low ranking members will claim otherwise.

7/7 Lucifer points.

Your turn!

Can you identify more luciferian ideas and thoughts? Whenever you encounter an idea, test it against this fingerprint and see how many of the points it matches with. If it gets any points at all, avoid it.