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October 31st is coming. People everywhere start carving pumpkins and buying candy to give to children that play dress-up. Sounds idyllic, cozy, a bit exciting? Nice decorations, families, candy. In other parts of the world, people celebrate similar holidays, such as the Day of the Dead in Mexico, All saints eve in Northern Europe, Kawsasqanchis in parts of South America, Dance of…

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Pyramids were electric generators

This is an interesting video showing how the various materials and structure of the pyramids of Giza shows that it might have been an electrical generator, absorbing the geopathic energy of the underground water and transmitting it wirelessly to the entire land of Egypt. This ties into the stuff I learned about geopathic energy a while back. Tesla was also…

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Some Hebrew basics

I’ve been looking into learning Hebrew for a while. After mastering (😅😅) Chinese, anything would be a piece of cake. And being (probably) the original language of God, it might hold a secret or two. And let me tell you, there are quite a few… The alphabeth (or alephbeth) The word alphabeth comes from the first two letters in Hebrew:…

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Laurel leaves for lung problems

Say you feel some kind of bronchitis or slight heaviness of breathing, perhaps in the trail of a cold, or during inclement weather, perhaps shortness of breath or tiredness due to exertion, but you feel it's not serious enough to see a doctor, here's what you can do. Heat up one liter (quart) of water and add three laurel leaves.…

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Cancer cures: Maple syrup and baking soda

Natural cancer cures beat conventional treatments every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Not only are they safe and effective but also cheaper than trying to cut, burn and poisoning yourself back to health. Most natural cures work on two principles: That cancer cells thrive in oxygen depleted environments where the pH level is acidic and that cancer…

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TIL: Geopathic stress

Today I learned about Geopathic stress. During my research of the weird and interesting, I game across this website explaining geopathic stress. My suggestion is that you go read through it yourself. Here are some notes I thought was interesting. So geopathic comes from geo-, meaning the ground, and -pathy, meaning illness. The idea is that various underground featured can…

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